"A simple memorable framework for explaining how economics misconceived the problem." 

-- Judy Z. Stephenson, PhD, Associate Professor of Economic History at University College London.

DANIEL BROCKMAN has Mathematics and Finance degrees and lifelong interest in history and economics. He worked in statistical analysis and software development in investment companies and banks for 30 years. 

Dan swims, hikes and rides his bicycle near his home in the state of Washington, USA.

In our highly productive society a few people have vast wealth. They can purchase anything they desire. They have social influence. Others, in predictably large numbers, will fall asleep hungry tonight. Why the disparity?

In its complexity, our basic economic system has many moving parts. Each part has a story. The kaleidoscopic Tale of Capitalism gives you a collection of stories you might tell to friends.

You will find out how the economic system works, how it favors some while overlooking others, and how to make it better.

Rembrandt. (circa 1628). The Young Rembrandt as Democritus the Laughing Philosopher (Public Domain)

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